The 5-STAR System Overview

The Best Process For Local Businesses To Grow

Every Business Is The Same... At Least 80% Of It

Every business, including this one, is at least 80% the same as yours. Let's break it down by asking ourselves this question:

What does every business need?

The only answer is.....


We all need customers! You, me, the small arts & crafts store down the street, and even the garage band in your neighborhood. We all need customers who willingly hand you money in exchange for a product or service you provide.

THE ONLY DIFFERENCE between you and your competitor that's 5X your size is they're BETTER than you at getting new customers.

That's just the reality and the good news is you too can be better at getting new customers just a matter of

Learning How To

Implementing What You've Learned

Enter.... The 5-STAR System

So now what does it stand for?

  • Social Proof

  • Traffic

  • Acquisition

  • Retention

These Are The 4 Pillars That Every Company (Whether They Know It Or Not) Uses To Grow So Let's Break It Down Step By Step

Social Proof

Let's first start off by defining exactly what is Social Proof.

Social Proof is the Perceived Trust potential customers will have with you BEFORE they purchase from you.

Think about it this way, if you need someone to come in and clean your carpets who will you trust more.

Business A has a crappy HTML and Four 3-Star Reviews on Google with no Social Media.

Business B has a beautiful website design with 50 4.5-Star reviews on Google and has a local following of over 2,500 people.

Who do you trust to enter into your home and clean your carpets?

Who would you pay to get the job done?

Even if Business B costs more, who would you hire to complete the job?

If you answered Business B, congratulations you now understand the importance of Social Proof. This is all about creating a Perceived Trust with your future customers


Once again, we're going to start off by defining what Traffic is.

Traffic is when a customer 1st interacts with your business Before making a purchase.

This includes coming to your website, calling your business, or walking into your storefront.

This is called Traffic and there are 2 primary goals.

To convert that traffic into paying customers

To get more of it

Now, there's an almost infinite number of ways to get traffic.

Paid Ads, Social Media, door-to-door, Referrals, SEO, Billboards, Even A Sign Outside Of Your Storefront.

This is the starting point of getting new customers! Getting traffic to your website or storefront is key to the beginning of acquiring new customers!


Now we get to the fun stuff, this is where you Sell and Acquire new customers AKA... Make More Money!

There's a lot that goes into Acquiring New Customers!

Sales, Psychology, Offer, Upsells, and Pricing....

A ton goes into the process and since this is where money exchanges hands, it requires the most attention and dedication to really nail down!

Acquiring new customers and clients is the bread and butter of growing your business, exchanging money for services is the foundation of all business which is why we spend the most time in this pillar!


This is what makes growing businesses HUGE!

It's how you see your competitors open up multiple locations, start franchising, and see the owners live the life you want...

Retention is when a Past Customer likes your service so much, they Purchase from you again and is the most important aspect in scaling,

To prove how important it is let's break down the math!

Let's say you get 10 new customers a month and each customer is worth $100.

Great that's $1,000!

Now imagine those same customers keep coming back every single month..

That next month, you'll have the revenue from the previous 10 customers of $1,000 PLUS 10 new customers bringing in ANOTHER $1,000

I'm sure you can see the compounding effect this will have on your business.

Retention is all about 2 things.

First, letting your customers know about you over & over and

Second, providing such a great experience they can't help but use you again

Like Acquisition, this is how businesses are built except Retention takes your business from One Level to the Next.

From $100,000 to $1,000,000 and from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000

This is where you enter into a Compounding Effect that allows you to grow quicker than you could possibly imagine

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