Getting More People Than You Can Handle Wanting Your Services

  • Receive More Phone Calls

  • More People Coming To Your Site

  • More People Walking Into Your Store

Increase The Amount Of People Interested In Your Services

Just because you have a lack of customers does not mean there's a lack of customers looking for you, they're just going to your competitors. Traffic isn't generating interest but capturing what's already there.

Traffic, How To Get Infront Of Your Customers And Get Them To Want To Give You Business

Before we break down the How-To, let's define the different aspects of


-Online traffic includes Organic & Paid. Organic traffic is people coming to your website, calling your business, or walking into your store from everything except Paid Advertising Campaigns. This includes Social Media, Organic Google Listings (and other platforms), and Storefront. Paid traffic is everything including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Yelp Ads, Benches, Billboards, Display, and 1,000,000s more. Now we're going to dive into the different classes of Traffic.

-Hot Traffic are people who know of your services, know of your business, and looking for your help specifically. These people just need to know that you can serve them for the right price.

-Warm Traffic are people who are looking for your services but don't know about your business. These people are typically looking for other businesses who offer what you offer so they need to know why you're the best, proof that you are the best, at the best (not lowest) price.

-Cold Traffic are people who don't know of your business or services! These people know they have a problem but don't know where to start on fixing it. What they require is careful relatability. They need to know that you understand their problems on a deep level and can provide them with solutions. They require the most proof, the most attachment, the best offer, and

Online Reviews

Online Reviews are a phenomenal way to show off to your customers just how good your service really is on the world's most popular platforms! Here's how to collect more.

Tap Tags. This is possibly my favorite thing ever, Tap Tags lets your customers scan a QR code on their phone and leave a Google Review right then and there! They are also incredibly inexpensive, for $20 a piece you can hand them out to any of your Customer-Facing employees and integrate asking for a review into your Sales Process.

Special Offer, this is another great strategy that covers both keeping customers coming back & to receive a Google Review. Plus psychologically, it'll get them to want to leave you a great review! What this is, is you tell a customer "please leave us a Google Review and your next "Order, Service, Appointment" will be 10% off. Keep it simple

Just Ask, there's not much more to this if you have provided someone with your best possible service, just ask them. If you're afraid to ask, ask yourself Why? Could you have done better? Did you really go all out for that customer? Don't be afraid to ask, you've done great work! Others should know about it.


Testimonials are your most valuable weapon when it comes to convincing other people to purchase from you. Especially video testimonials and Before & After photos! Testimonials are different than Reviews, Testimonials can be placed on your site, used for Landing Pages, and even used for Advertisements! 1 Video Testimonial is worth its weight in gold, here's how to get more...

Chemistry, video testimonials are personal, can be kind of awkward, and a little uncomfortable. The difference between a Google Review and a Testimonial Video is Chemistry. Did you solve an extra hard problem? Did you go above and beyond? Was a mistake made and you quickly solved it? Did you and the customer just click? That's where the difference between a simple Google Review and a Video Testimonial comes in.

The only real strategy that works here is to Just Ask. This is why I put chemistry first because it requires a bit of feeling around and requires a little bit of gusto to ask for one.

A Secondary Strategy is to offer something special. For example, if you have a lower ticket service (Under $100) . You can say something along the lines of "Hey you'll get this haircut for free if I can shoot a short video of you talking about your experience".

Word Of Mouth

Word of Mouth is the most important aspect of Social Proof for your business. It's the only true way of exponential growth! Let's break down the math.

You have 1 Customer.

That 1 Customer tells 2 of his friends about your business.

Those 2 friends tell their 2 friends.

So now that 1 customer has led to 4 new customers and I'm sure you now understand the power of Word Of Mouth so let's talk about How To Get It!

Truthfully, there's no formula created that will guarantee you receive the Word of Mouth Effect but there are a few variables that we can all control.

Results. This is Step 1. Did your customer receive the results you promised them when they gave you money? How fast did they get those results? Were there any hiccups in receiving those results? Any mistakes made? I know this seems simple enough BUT step 1 in creating a Word of Mouth Worthy Business is just giving your customers what you promised them they would receive.

Experience. This is the 2nd Piece. So you gave them what they were looking for now what was their experience like receiving it?

-A Few Examples-

You Own A Business Where Someone Walks In:

Greeted with a smile?

Lobby smells nice?

Friendly staff?

Clear directions?


Enough seating?

Offered a beverage?

Have something for the kids?

You Own A Business Where You Go To The Customer:

Technicians smell good?

Clean shoes?

Friendly at the door?

Showed up on time?

Gave them clear expectations on when you'll be there?

This is why there really is no formula to creating a Word of Mouth Worthy experience. It's all the little Soft Skills that goes into your Customer Interaction but is still the MOST IMPORTANT piece of growing your business.

1. Results

2. Experience

Appeal To Authority

Appealing To Authority has done wonders for every Toothpaste, Medical Product, Deodorant, Face Wash, Body Wash, Shampoo & Condition, etc.

It's why in every ad you'll see 4/5 Doctors recommend, 8/10 dentists recommend, a celebrity, an industry-related leader, etc. because it's just that powerful!

The good news is that creating an Appeal To Authority is incredibly easy, just costs money (most of the time).

Now here's how

1. Identify who/what would be a leader in your Target Market's eyes

(This could be a type of person, a place, an experience, an ad placement, or time.)

2. Put that/them in your ads

Creating an Appeal To Authority gives you immediate trust with your audience by showing them Who They Believe is a leader.